Project:   Trillion Bamboo

  one bamboo, two bamboo, three bamboo, ..., 1,000,000,000,000 bamboo

                 1 =    1m  x 1m          =         5 Kg/year
         1,000,000 =    1km x 1km         = 5,000,000 Kg/year
 1,000,000,000,000 = 1000km x 1000km      = 5,000,000 MetricTons/year

     1,000,000,000 people planting 1000 bamboo planters.

  To supplement any current efforts at producing biomass and oxygen
  in an urban or near-urban setting so that all may easily participate
  and benefit.

  Level 1:  Claiming Lost Urban Spaces
    Provide urbanites, villagers with low/zero cost bamboo planters
    from local indigenous varieties to plant anywhere they will grow
    nearby urban or village - filling vacant spaces - Catching "Rainfall"
    and "Sunshine" otherwise lost - Converting CO2 to Fresh Oxygen.

  Level 2:  Watering Arid Spaces
    Creative Quest for untapped water sources to grow bamboo forests
    where nothing currently grows.

  Level 3:  Market Integration
    As this new source of materials finds its way into the local and
    remote markets, motivated harvesters ensure on-going maintenance
    and possibly widening of this economy.

  o Not competing with reforestation
  o rather Target urban opportunities (vacant, roadside, ...)
  o Anywhere bamboo grows already (water + sunshine)
  o Vacant Lots - Urban (semiUrban), Villages, ...

   (where Not!)
     o Bamboo roots can be a pest to some (be considerate)
     o Bamboo can be a fire risk, so keep it trimmed (when dry)

Why Bamboo?
  o Fast growing Grass (yet wood)
  o Versatile: Food, Fibre, Frame, Fuel
  o Indigenous bamboo(s) worldwide
  o Roots grow deep reaching water
  o Hard to kill


To receive updates, send an email with "TrillionBamboo Updates"
in the subject line to the following address:

Contact: TrillionBamboo

Help Wanted

If you have skills at growing/cloning bamboo,
or wish to participate in some way you may contact us at:

Contact: TrillionBamboo

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